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The Principles of the Dioceses of the Inclusive Anglican \ Episcopal Church in Italy and Europe

  1. Where the Gospel of Jesus is announced and the sacraments of the New Covenant are celebrated faithfully, there is the Church. However, it is necessary that all this be expressed and find its fulfillment and efficacious sign in the Liturgy, in the specific ministry of the Word, as well as in the presence of ordained ministers, qualified to preach and celebrate the Sacraments as well as to care for Christ's flock with love dedication.

  2. We don't proselytize - we evangelize. Our communities are an oasis of welcome for ALL regardless of any human contingency: those who come into contact with us should perceive that our lives and ourselves are people whose lives have clearly been transformed by love.

  3. The Church does not exist to judge according to backward moralisms or hypocritical prejudices. We are called to transcend moralism and love our neighbor as he is, beginning to love and accept ourselves as we are, confident of being able to transform - step by step - our lives through the grace of the Word, the Sacraments and brotherhood \ sorority lived and experienced in our congregations and among brothers / sisters.

  4. Let us make discipleship, rather than confessionalism, the fulcrum of our existential and ecclesial action: let us strive to become disciples of Christ, nourishing ourselves with his riches, and to form other disciples of Jesus, trying to attract them also through our own way of being Christian.

  5. The Church is one, holy, catholic (universal) and apostolic, and we strive to live these features of the Church especially in serving the poor and marginalized people, without elitism of any kind.

  6. We seek to self-govern so that we are led by the Holy Spirit. This requires that each member take responsibility for the common good and that the clergy share leadership functions with the laity.

  7. We are happy to share and draw from the great Anglican tradition and culture. It is our mission to discover and experience the Italian and European expression of this ancient tradition and share its great values ​​with our brothers and sisters.

  8. No one should boast of the alleged "superiority" of our way of being Christians, nor denigrate other Churches, Religions or Traditions.

  9. Our communities must be places where the nourishment of the Scriptures and the whole of Christian Tradition are accessible to all.

  10. At all times, joyful or sad, prosperous or miserable, we will find our hope in God and in God alone, knowing that Christ has delivered us from evil, sin and death once and for all, and waiting for the Spirit Saint send his gifts to each person to joyfully fulfill together the particular mission of the Church of Jesus.


Madre Maria Vittoria Longhitano, Bishop

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