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We are custodians of Creation, invited to take care of us, neither masters nor owners. Furthermore, we are part of it and we try to take care and live in harmony with creation and with the other living beings with whom we are called to relate with love and respect: therefore, we bless all good things, dedicating them to the glory of God. and to our loving fellowship with the Lord. Blessing animals, especially our pets, is being aware and grateful that all things are gifts from above destined for good and to increase our joie de vivre.
As sons and daughters of God, by blessing and respecting nature and, especially, our pets we are committed to taking care of the life entrusted to us (be it dog, cat, hamster, gecko, rabbit, bird, ferret , fish or any other pet).
Also, part of our ministry and custom is the proper burial of pets with a short ritual that includes Scripture reading, prayers and thanks for their presence in our life and the traditional sprinkling with holy water. If your pet or farm animal has died, call the shepherd to schedule this moment of awareness and farewell.

We also invite you to join us in our next pet blessing, which will be held at our location. Upon request, our pastors will also come to your home or farm to receive a blessing.

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