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In the picture: Our bishop, as Archdeacon of the Episcopal Church, participates in the opening prayer for the week of prayer for Christian Unity (2018) presided over by the Pope

"The term ecumenism indicates the movement that tends to bring together all the Christian faithful and those of the various Churches. The starting point is the common faith in the Trinity: in God the Father, in Jesus Christ the Son and in God the Holy Spirit.

The word derives from the Greek word oikouméne, which originally indicates the inhabited part of the Earth; the choice indicates a sort of direction in the search for ever closer collaboration and communion between the various Christian churches that inhabit the world "(Definition taken from the Catholic Encyclopedia).

​"The nature of water is one, but a stream, a river, a well, a pond, a stream, a valley, a ditch and a great sea are different from each other".

" Sutra" (अनन्त निर्देश सूत्)

By inter-religious dialogue we mean a positive, equal and cooperative relationship between religions. We promote this "encounter between diversity" as a contribution to peace for our territory, as an edification and wealth for each of us as the family of Jesus, by maintaining relationships and exchanges, by sharing initiatives of peace and collaboration for the common good with different groups of people belonging to different religious traditions.

All Saints Anglican Church (Milan), mother Longhitano's settlement as parish priest of the local Catholic Old Community 

Above pictur: Our contribution to the dialogue between exponents of the so-called "unconventional spiritualities" in collaboration with an association that operates in the area

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