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                                  Our charisma - An invitation for you


The Carmelite Fraternity of Santa Maria del Monte Carmelo is a Carmelite Family that began its activity under the protection of Bishop Pierre Whalon (Bishop Emeritus for Europe of the Episcopal Church - Anglican Communion), who approved the Statute and accepted solemn and temporary professions of brothers and sisters throughout Italy.

The purpose of the Fraternity is to deepen and experience - in an ecumenical perspective and with a heart close to the needs of today's men and women - the charism of Carmelite spirituality.

Our Statute includes four possible ways of living and bearing witness to the specific charism of Carmel: monastic and hermitic (contemplative) life, religious life (the sisters and brothers take the three vows and preferably live in community) and oblation (usually, in the Roman Catholic world, identified as the third order).

We are an INCLUSIVE Community, including lay people or ordained brothers and sisters (deacons, presbyters, bishops), in which everyone is someone to love and welcome, without discrimination of condition, race, sex, sexual orientation or gender identity.

We also welcome brothers and sisters of other Christian Churches who subscribe, in a personal capacity, to the promise to respect the principles of inclusiveness and acceptance that are peculiar to our Fraternity.

Our Carmelite spirituality courses, often delivered through zoom or skype (the Fraternity embraces men and women from all over Italy), represent an extraordinary tool for human and spiritual growth.

We are available for any clarification.

For further information, contact the leader of the Fraternity, Mother M. Vittoria Longhitano (cell: 328/9596744; mail:


You can also visit our official Facebook page:

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