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Our artits

We don't only give importance to the Sacred, but also of artistic expression and creative genius..

Our Church attributes a lot of importance to culture and considers it a fundamental means for evangelization and dialogue with the different realities of the world.

We present to you some members of the clergy and lay people of our church, who have chosen this way of being present in the world with their testimony.



She obtained a bachelor's degree in Herbal Medicine from the University of Messina.  She is also a successful entrepreneur in the health and wellness field.

Wife, mother and recently, an happily grandmother.

Since 1998 he has undertaken a long journey of study, training and soul searching on oriental and spiritual techniques and philosophies, often traveling to Asia, Holland and England to further his studies.

She obtained several Master's degrees and other qualifications in her field.

The result of years of experience in the counseling field, in 2012 she published "L'essenza del cammino interiore" (in english: "the essence of the inner journey"), Fabbroni Edition.

Through numerous courses, he acquires holistic skills.

In 2017 he obtained the three-year diploma as Couple and Family Consultant from the apulian training school to the family consultancy of Taranto.

She has collaborated with TV with web and radio broadcasters, giving interviews in the field of holistic counseling and inner well-being.

She has always been passionate about creative writing, in 2018 she attended an amateur journalism course writing on psycho-social issues.. Later, she will write several texts and articles on natural wellness for some online publications. Today she writes and publishes contents and practical suggestions on her differents social pages and on the web. In May 2013 he published his latest literary work entitled: "L'arte di raccontarci la verità per vivere sani e felici" (in english: "the art of telling us the truth to live healthy and happy").

He followed the three-year preparation course for leadership and ministry at the "Edith Stein" Institute, a training institution recognized as having an agreement with Gea University (Florida).


Eliana's works


"L'essenza del cammino interiore" - Fabbroni Editore


"L'arte di raccontarci la verità per vivere sani e felici"


Yari Mattia's works


"La Piazza Bianca" - Edizioni Amazon


"Le Chiavi del Destino" - Edizioni Placebook Publishing



Yari Mattia Scotto was born on 3 June 1987 in Milan, but grew up and has always lived in the hinterland.

Among his many passions he has developed that for reading and writing, appreciating every type of genre: from detective stories to adventure stories, from great classics to horror.

His writing interest is began in the elementary school, when he sketched out his first tales.

In 2020 he published his first work: "La Piazza Bianca" (in english "the white place"), novel- Amazon Editions.

In 2023 he published his second work: "Le Chiavi del Destino" (in english "the destiny keys"), a collection of five short tales - PlaceBook Publishing Editions.

On 20th January 2024, he performed his first official presentation of the new book "Le Chiavi del Destino" at the Rozzano's library (Milan) moderated by our presbyter, father Manlio Carbone,  "Sacred Heart" community's responsable.

Both publications a different themes are touched upon, in particular that of mystery and the unknown, with a psychological and science fiction component.

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