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My name is Maria Vittoria Longhitano and I was born in Enna in 1974.

I am Presiding Bishop of the Inclusive Anglican Episcopal Church.

I am a presbyter / pastor of the "Madonna del Carmelo" community in Catania. After ten years of service as a lay-minister, I was ordained a deacon on November 22, 2009 and a priest on May 22, 2010, at the Anglican Church of "All Saints" in Rome. Since October 2010, I have been elected parish priest of the "Jesus Good Shepherd" Community of Milan, remaining in office until July 2019. I have been Archdeacon (Episcopal Vicar, that is) for the Italian-speaking Communities of the Episcopal Church (TEC - Europe, Anglican Communion). I am responsible and founder of the Carmelite Ecumenical Fraternity "Santa Maria del Monte Carmelo". From 2014 to August 2019, I held the role of Archdeacon (episcopal vicar) for the Italian-speaking communities.

I often participate as a columnist in various television and radio programs on national circuits (for some years I was a regular columnist of the "Republic of Women", led by Piero Chiambretti).

I am happily married to Andrea and Teresa's mother and, since my pastoral ministry is an act of voluntary work, I live as a teacher in a high school (I teach Philosophy). I am a spiritual-pastoral counselor. I taught philosophical disciplines at the Italy section of the "St Anthony" Theological Institute which is based in Detroit (USA). I am the director of the E. Stein Institute for Church Leadership.

My latest "literary" work (in the most improper sense of the term!) Is "Femmine e preti non sono poeti" (in english: "Females and priests are not poets").

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